Cogeneration Systems Cut Energy Costs & Reduces Greenhouse Gases

50% Savings in Utilities & 3 to 7 Year Return on Investment

Clean gas cogeneration system reduces primary energy consumption.  By using the waste heat produced during the production of electricity this high efficiency system allows significant energy savings.  The system uses a Technologically Advanced and Reliable Lean-burn Miller Cycle Gas Engine.  The lean-burn system optimizes ignition timing and matches the excess intake air, which reduces NOx emissions and using low-fuel consumption.

By generating electrical power at the required location (on-site generation/distributed power) using a gas engine driven electrical power generator powered by fuel such as natural gas, which has a low environmental impact,  We can reduce losses associated with electrical power transmission and use the heat energy that is produced for heating or cooling.  This is micro cogeneration.

An Efficient and “Green” Energy Source

Using natural gas or propane, the Yanmar CHP Systems generate electrical power and heat. The engine’s thermal energy is captured and heats water at a rated temperature of 158+ degrees (f) for immediate use or storage in an insulated tank. Excess electricity production can be sold back to the grid in certain states, creating a credit in your electric account.

Yanmar CP5wn CHP System Yanmar CP5wn CHP System Yanmar CP5wn CHP System

CP5WN CHP System
Electric Output: 5 kW

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CP10WN CHP System
Electric Output: 10 kW

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CP35D1 CHP System
Electric Output: 35 kW

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For the Home

Every unit installed is the equivalent of taking eight cars off the road. The units are safe, quiet and clean.
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For Businesses

The advantages of Cogeneration are lower electricity costs, lower thermal energy costs, increased power reliability, independence from outside suppliers and utility companies and high peak power prices, and conservation of our environmental resources. In addition to these benefits, there are energy rebates and tax incentives for qualified businesses.
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